For Coaches


There will be a coaches’ meeting at 12:15pm on Friday, Sept 20:

  • At Durango, the meeting will be in Room 302
  • At Green Valley, the meeting will be in Room 410
  • At Palo Verde, the meeting will be in the Dance Room adjoining the Main Gym
  • At Coronado, the meeting will be in the Dance Room adjoining the Main Gym

At the coaches’ meeting each team will receive:

  1. One tournament t-shirt voucher which can be redeemed at the Nike merchandise stand located at the site.
  2. Blue wrist bands – Each team is given wristbands for the head and assistant coaches who are listed on the Team Information Sheet. School administrator and bus drivers will receive a wristband from the ticket seller at the site. Coaches need to wear the wristband for two days.
  3. One Nike back pack.
  4. One Molten clipboard.


There will be a coaches’ hospitality room at all sites.


A certified trainer will be at all sites throughout the tournament.


Teams will not have any officiating duties throughout the tournament. We are planning on having two officials per court for every match.


Matches will not begin before the scheduled time. Matches may begin prior to the scheduled time only if both coaches agree to do so.


On each of the four courts at all sites, there will be one cart with 20 balls. If this is sufficient for your team, then you do not have to bring volleyballs.


Ten minutes between matches, each team will have five minutes for hitting and serving.


If a protest is made, it must be made under the following guidelines:

  1. Before the next ball is served
  2. Only the coach or floor captain can protest
  3. Judgment calls cannot be protested

Protest issues will be handled in the following sequence:

  1. Referee on the stand
  2. Head Official(s) for Friday
    • Tony Field at Durango
    • Sam Samana at Green Valley
    • Mel Cayetano at Palo Verde
    • Earl Varquez at Coronado
  3. Head Official(s) for Saturday
    • Tony Field at Durango
    • Diana Johnson at Green Valley
    • Rich Skalma at Palo Verde
    • Janet Hough at Coronado
  4. Tournament Committee